Milton Roy manufactures controlled volume (metering) pumps and injection equipment specifically designed for aggressive environments, extreme pressures, and variable flow ranges in a wide range of applications and markets. Since 1936, Milton Roy has concentrated its scientific, engineering and production resources on the development and manufacture of equipment that accurately controls fluids in the most demanding environments.


     ♦ Agriculture

     ♦ Chemical

                  ♦Chemical Processing Industry (CPI)

                  ♦ Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI)

                  ♦ Supercritical Fluid

                  ♦ Other

     ♦Food, Pharm & Personal Care

     ♦ General Industry

     ♦ Industrial Water

     ♦ Mining

     ♦ Municipal & Wastewater

     ♦ Oil & Gas

♦ Deep Water

♦ Offshore

♦ Onshore w/Shale

♦ Pipeline Transport 

     ♦Power Generation

     ♦ Pulp & Paper

     ♦ Textiles

     ♦ Water Conditioning